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The 21 IPS Commitments:  	1.	Practitioners will have maximum caseloads of 30 clients. 	2.	All practitioners will provide employment services for at least 96% of their time, including assistance with wider needs, such as housing, legal matters, health issues and/or substance misuse.  	3.	Each practitioner will carry out all phases of the employment service. 	4.	Practitioners will be an active part of IAPT and JCP teams. 	5.	The practitioner will be co-located with their IAPT/JCP colleagues. 	6.	The practitioners will pay particular attention to clients that have previously been through other services, such as the Work Programme and Mental Health Working, but not found suitable employment. 	7.	The overall project will provide at least 2 full-time practitioners and a pro rata team leader. 	8.	The team leader function will be shared by Hillside and Future Path. 	9.	All clients interested in working, that are engaged with either JCP or IAPT services, will have access to the pilot.  	10.	The Mental Health Trust will be encouraged to promote competitive work to service users. 	11.	All clients will be offered assistance in obtaining comprehensive in-work benefit planning before starting a new job and assistance accessing such benefits. 	12.	Practitioners will assist clients with evaluating their choices regarding disclosing a disability/mental health issue. 	13.	Job goal identification will occur over 2-3 sessions and information will be documented in a vocational profile. 	14.	Initial employment assessment and first employer contact by the client or the practitioner will occur within one month of programme entry.  	15.	Each practitioner will carry out good quality employer contact on a weekly basis.  	16.	Practitioners will always assist clients in obtaining jobs with a range of employers, and different types of jobs where the client has more than one job goal. 	17.	At least 95% of job options provided to clients will have permanent status rather than temporary or time-limited status. All jobs will pay at least the living wage.  	18.	Practitioners will co-ordinate in-work support tailored to the job, client preferences, work history and in-work support needs.  	19.	Practitioners will have contact with the client within 1 week before starting a job, within 3 days after starting a job, weekly for the first month, and at least monthly for the length of the pilot.  	20.	The pilot will be delivered in natural community settings. 	21.	Service termination will not be based on missed appointments or fixed time limits.
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